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SpongeBob is Bad for Brains!

Yes, that’s right!

A study by online journal Pediatrics on The Immediate Impact of Different Types of Television on Young Children’s Executive Function found that  4 year olds who had just watched 9 minutes of SpongeBob Square Pants didn’t do as well on some tests as kids who had spent that time watching a much slower paced show or spent the time drawing.

In NPR’s radio program this morning they played snap shots from SpongeBob and Blues Clues for comparison. Indeed SpongeBob’s crazy voices and dizzying explosion sounds compared to the plod along pace of the clue searching hound made it easy to see some truth to the findings.

However only 60 children were actually studied for the test and they found children were worse in some tests, not all.

You may want to take these findings with a pinch of salt, but in this fast paced Family Guy kinda world it really makes you think…

or not think…

I Deserve a Xanax

what were we talking about?

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