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Mr Happy


Arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 7am this morning. Greeted by rows of archaic apartments, abandoned town houses and sky-scrapers jutting out from the jungle, under a hazy sky. Time for a *Mr Happy Snack Attack from the local bakery.

*Name invented.

American Spleendor


Photos by Judd Sell

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1 WEEK (Shut Up, You Crazy!)

In one week I will be sitting in a warm cafe, drinking sugary lemongrass juice and slurping coconut ice with my mother in Kuala Lumpur.

Last time I went travelling with my mother (her name is DIDI) we stayed in a house in Bologna close to the centre of town. All was well until I met some Italian students at the local university and decided to stay out all night, every night.

Sneaking into our shared bedroom (shared also with a cat) and slowly lowering myself onto my insanely lumpy/squeeky bed was enough to wake sleeping mother (a gentle breeze or window being shut in another province can wake sleeping mother) and receive a barrage of questions: “Where were you? What time is it? Your walking alone at this time? What’s wrong with you” etc… I have discovered (through a-priori learning only) mothers cannot sleep without knowledge of child’s where-abouts.

However, I was 18.

As a street wise, fast talking 26 yr old I should be able to keep myself (meaning my mother) happy and return dutifully at a reasonable hour. Plus when you look at the food in Malaysia, who needs booze!

From brightly coloured, sweet soups, Playdoh looking cubes and leaf wrapped rolls -Malaysians know how to eat!

What Malaysia doesn’t have though, is Bounty!

You know those chocolate covered coconut bars with the blue packaging. My Malaysian friend has asked me to bring her a couple as she can’t seem to find them in the land of coconut..very strange.

I will exchange them for colourful, cut cubes of candy deliciousness!

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I will post my own photos once I am there, promise!

3 Weeks

With only three weeks before I begin my travels, I feel the need to get this blog into better shape. I intend to explore and capture the experiences around me in an artistic way. I will incorporate drawings and collage as well as photos and stories. I hope to see many splendid things and hear stories I couldn’t at home. I will miss my friends and family (one man(g) in particular) but the time has come to place my cards on the table and see what life in other cultures can offer me!

…And if all else fails I’ll come home and take the baby bonus.


Bon Voyage!