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East London Street Art













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Drunk balloon art

Nothing is better than being completely intoxicated at a family wedding. Graciously taking it upon myself to decorate some of all-that-white-space, I made a couple of ridiculous caricatures.


Note: Two balloons died in the making and were not able to be present in this post. Also to the girl with the balloon popping phobia -I am sorry.

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Raspberries for tea

A trip to Wales. Pony Trekking, artichokes and raspberries for tea.

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Better than a drive-through

It’s a car-park cafe!

This is the cafe for the Kuala Lumpur National Art Gallery. I kid you not, it’s located in a 5 story┬ácar-park next to the gallery. Some of the best food I’ve had in KL with a lovely cool breeze!

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Butterflies are Booooooring

So butterflies are really pretty cool and all, but a bunch of caged up creatures ┬ápacked into a simulation ‘natural’ environment for tourists to take photos of, is kinda sucky. Here is some lovely photos of some actually interesting butterflies and turtles that made me feel like a fat, white, Western pig; plundering the worlds natural resources for some good shots. Enjoy!

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The two way mirror between man and monkey at Batu Caves, Kualar Lumpur.

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