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High life in Addis Ababa

Since I’ve just displayed the abject poverty of life on the streets in Addis Ababa, I thought it only fitting to show you all how I have been living.

Don’t judge me.


Note: The fridge was never locked, and I don’t condone people living under the stairs. Also the book in Indalla’s quarters reads ‘Be Always Yourself. Confident Mind is Always Creative. Thanks God that I am on my Own. I Always want to be Successful. To be Important is to be Expensive.’



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Life as a privilege, not a right.

With over 80 million people in Ethiopia, (there is 20 million in Australia, for perspective) homelessness is rampant. People will find anywhere to sleep at night, a concrete pipe (which at one point will surely be used as a pipe?), a medium strip, a wall, etc. This life is unforgiving and extremely dangerous, but as my favourite photo (below) shows, being sick, poor and on the street, doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humour. xx

Just because you live in a villa, made from mud, plastic bags and corrugated iron sheets, doesn’t mean you can’t have 600+ channels of┬ásatellite┬áTV! All you need is a satellite dish and you point it towards Mecca and you have FREE Arab Sat! MTV, millions of drama channels (most in Arabic, however), terrible American cop shows and all the latest Hollywood movies you can handle.*

*All sex scenes, hand holding and kissing excluded, but as much gratuitous violence you can take.

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