Hoya Hoye

Aksum & Shire 033


Click on image to hear the children singing ‘Hoya Hoye’ for the holiday of Buhe.

Children bang sticks together, make a beat, burn branches tied together and sing songs in exchange for food.

Very similar to Halloween in America, although somewhat more traditional.

My brother and I were hounded by ecstatic children singing to us all through the month of August, and banging on the door at all times, night and morning!



One thought on “Hoya Hoye

  1. biochemdr1 says:

    I’ve been in Addis Ababa since December 2012 and today I first experienced Hoya Hoye. What a delightful tradition and the boys sang really well and made up words……said they were at a “ferenji home” and praised me as being a blessing to Ethiopia……it really is a wonderful thing. Later I saw a young boy carrying a huge batch of sticks to burn. Much better than Halloween in the west!

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