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Crossing the Rhine

Due north from Zurich,

Girl on a horse.

Mountains are her backdrop,

She follows the Rhine’s course,

East to the sea.



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I have started to acknowledge the immense guilt I carry around with myself, and have done for the last 3 months.

I feel I have let people down.

I hope my actions are for the best, but as I cannot know the alternative, I guess I will just believe that they are.

I wish I wasn’t such a flake, and yet I admire my spontaneity.

I envisage an interesting life.

Art, beauty, articulate conversations, laughter, drunken dancing, romance, experience, excess, community, love.



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A love poem thingy

Falling from the trees,

Getting stuck in my nose,

Your love is like pollen baby,

Filling me with woes.

Every time I think of you,

I’m overcome with longing,

Breathing you in all day,

Hocking you up every morning.

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Do you ever get the distinct feeling that there are only two options?

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My friend’s tortoise Spots.

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Letter by the river

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Writing a letter by the river.

The water the colour of ice.

Spilling my words on paper,

Instead of tears from my eyes.

Though they might as well have been.

And as night quickly advances on this scene,

I am left only with words  of either,

Longing or of vice.

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The Acropolis overlooking Athens.

White stones baking in the sun, a series of scaffolding, cranes and construction.

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