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Do you ever get the distinct feeling that there are only two options?

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My friend’s tortoise Spots.

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Setting sun

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I left a party to walk alone,

Amongst the early morning sprinklers.

The beating of my tears in time with each heavy falling step.

And just as we cannot discover our purpose,

So sometimes we choose to walk alone.

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In the pines

Inner circle


Looking for a location to shoot Omikron’s first video clip.

There were kangaroos at the end of the path, but unfortunately they hopped off as soon as they saw us.

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I’m a bit early-but just wanted to get it out there.

Dedicated to the love of my life,



Wind cave and Proboscis monkey

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The Proboscis monkey’s name in Malay is Orang Belanda which translates to ‘Dutch Man’.

What better way to get back at the Dutch colonisers than to name your most ridiculous animal after them!

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Liquefied Earthworm

Borneo 245


Bipalium worms are often called hammer-heads due to the shape of their heads-duh!

This one was found in Mulu National Park in Borneo.

These worms are predatory-just listen to what Wikipedia had to say on the subject of Bipalium feeding:

To feed on its prey, a flatworm extends its pharynx out from its mouth on the mid-ventral portion of its body and secretes enzymes that begin digestion of the earthworm external to the flatworm. The liquefied earthworm tissues are sucked into the branching gut of the flatworm by ciliary action.

Liquefied Earthworm!


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Bako National Park is one of those places which takes your breath away with the chill wind and  sweeps magic through the trees.

Travelling by boat, you can stay on the island, but no one recommends it.

The beach is cool and windy, the jungle stifling and steamy.

Sweat drips down the bridge of your nose and down your ankles into your socks.

Beware of sting-rays when you swim in the murky ocean.

Proboscis monkeys crash through the jungle, sending shards of leaves over your head, to congregate on the sand in deep  grunting discussion.

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