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A love poem thingy

Falling from the trees,

Getting stuck in my nose,

Your love is like pollen baby,

Filling me with woes.

Every time I think of you,

I’m overcome with longing,

Breathing you in all day,

Hocking you up every morning.

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Women, and people who come from women:

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I thought I would celebrate International Women’s Day with some never-before-posted images from my first time to Ethiopia in 2010.

These women, and the people who who came from women, are from the city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia.

Hoya Hoye

Aksum & Shire 033


Click on image to hear the children singing ‘Hoya Hoye’ for the holiday of Buhe.

Children bang sticks together, make a beat, burn branches tied together and sing songs in exchange for food.

Very similar to Halloween in America, although somewhat more traditional.

My brother and I were hounded by ecstatic children singing to us all through the month of August, and banging on the door at all times, night and morning!



New sounds from Omikron:


Click the cave to enter.

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